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  • Welcome to endoscopyguru portal

    The field of Gastroenterology and G.I. Endoscopy has evolved rapidly over the last 5 decades and the advancements in Interventional Endoscopic Technologies and Techniques requires all the aspiring Gastroenterologists and Endoscopists to be abreast with the latest developments. Read more

  • Training

    The main objectives of is to disseminate the knowledge and experience to all in the field of entire spectrum of Endoscopy from fellows to practicing gastroenterologists/ endoscopists.Read more

  • Live webstreaming - Endoscopy Asia

    We are indeed confident that those aspiring endoscopist who will take advantage of this large volume of video case capsule material with voice over alongwith the possibility of live webstreaming from Endoscopy Asia.Read more

  • Dr. Vipulroy Rathod and Team

    Those who might need additional hands on training experience can benefit from visiting Endoscopy Asia and have preceptorship with
    Dr. Vipulroy Rathod and his team for deeper insight in the subject.

    Read more

  • Every week adding new video

    Every week, our editorial team will strive to add new video case capsules which are updated technologies and techniques of various aspects of Interventional Endoscopy. Read more

  • Endoscopy Asia Celebrates 5 Glorious Years

    Endoscopy Asia completed its glorious 5 years on 23rd November, 2013. In a short span of 5 years, we have strived to improve and enrich as many lives as we possibly could. Read more



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You get direct access to live endoscopic procedures performed by Dr. Vipulroy Rathod. More +

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New videos are added every week encompassing various aspects of Interventional Endoscopy. More +
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