The primary objective of this course is to train all aspiring endoscopists the fundamentals and basic techniques of diagnostic upper and lower G.I. Endoscopic procedure and some basic therapeutic procedures, so that they can start performing these basic procedures with proficiency.

We have designed several indigenous wet and dry models for training which will provide unprecedented hands on training experience to all our participants. To help us with these courses we have for you some of the most eminent and accomplished local, regional and national faculties to share their vast experience and enrich the quality of our educational activities at Endoscopy Asia.

Key Features

  • Vast archives of 8000 case capsules Diagnostic & Therapeutic OGD scopy & Colonoscopy for Training
  • Supervised hands on Preceptorship
  • Didactic Interactions with Experts
  • Conceptual Knowledge Based Learning
  • Comprehensive Clinical Case Material
  • World Class Infrastructure & Experience

Course objectives

  • Introduction of training on Phantoms and indigenously designed wet models by Dr. Rathod
  • Introduction to Endoscopy
  • Introduction to Endoscopic Equipments / Tools / Accessories
  • Routine and special needs for successful and safe sedation during Endoscopy
  • Technicalities of Diagnostic Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy
  • Techniques of Endoscopic Biopsies
  • Management of Foreign Bodies - including techniques of retrieval
  • Emergency Endoscopy
  • Techniques of PEG-J & Naso-Jejunal tube placement
  • Basics of Electrocautery and Argon Plasma Coagulation (apc)
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Techniques of Management of Acute Upper & Lower G.I. Bleeding
  • Diagnosis and Management of Bowel Obstruction and techniques for Dilatation of Luminal Strictures
  • Basic Principles and Techniques of Esophageal, Pyloroduodenal and Colonic Stenting
  • Equipments & Accessories maintenance and disinfection guidelines
  • How to avoid procedural complications
  • How to train your assisting team and get them involved for predictable outcomes
  • Tips on various aspects of data archiving and processing
  • Endoscopy Quiz - Self Assessment
  • Hands on Training in all aspects of Diagnostic Endoscopy as well as few Therapeutic Procedures
  • One on One interaction with the Faculties and Breakout sessions

Intended Participants

This unique Course is especially designed for Practicing Surgoens and Physicians who aspire to start Basic Diagnostic Endoscopy Services as well as for Fellows in MS / DNB in Medicine Training.