As there is a huge demand of our courses, we conduct a yearly advanced course. We announce soon another similar course for 2015. A dedicated Live International Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Workshop which will include the entire spectrum of Advanced Therapeutic Luminal and Advanced Pancreato-Biliary Endoscopic Interventions as well as EMR / ESD / POEM & EBUS and the newer emerging technologies in Gastroenterlogy & Endoscopy.

A bonanza spread over 4 days with limited registrations for Hands on Training which will be focused mainly on EUS-ERCP Endotherapy Interface with Live demonstrations with International Masters and National Experts for a small group of participants. Participants will have a unique opportunity to get hands on training from our own experience as well as that of all the International Masters & National Experts. Participants who are interested in hands on training will have an additional benefit of attending the Workshop & Symposium too.

We have several indigenously designed wet models and phantoms for hands on training on several applications of EUS and I am very confident that all the participants will have a unique exposure and experience in our forthcoming 2015 course.

We will be announcing our dates along with a detailed program of our course soon on our website I sincerely urge all aspiring Endoscopists and Endosonographers who missed our last 2014 meeting, not to miss this forthcoming opportunity this year.

Course objectives

Live Demonstrations of over 40 cases of Advanced Therapeutic Luminal Endoscopy EUS / ERCP / Endotherapy / EMR / ESD / POEM & EBUS Hands on EUS Training - on Simulators / Wet Models / Phantoms.

  • Live demonstrations of Advanced Therapeutic Luminal Endoscopic
  • Procedures including EMR, ESD, POEM & EBUS
  • Introduction of Training on Phantoms & Indigenously Designed Wet Models by Dr. Rathod
  • Didactic lecture on Basics of EUS & ERCP Equipments & Accessories
  • Discussion on indications for EUS SOS ERCP
  • Didactic lectures on various EUS techniques – Radial, Linear, Miniprobe, Intraductal & 3D EUS procedures
  • Demonstrations of Radial EUS – Anatomical orientation
  • Demonstrations of Linear EUS – Anatomical orientation
  • Demonstrations of Luminal EUS – Esophagus, Stomach, Duodenum and Rectum
  • Demonstrations of EUS indications in Mediastinal Pathologies
  • Demonstrations of Various EUS – FNA techniques
  • Demonstrations of ERCP – Advanced Biliary & Pancreatic Interventions Corroborative with EUS findings
  • Demonstrations of Cholangioscopy & Pancreatoscopy techniques Corraborative with EUS / IDUS findings
  • Demonstrations of Advanced Therapeutic EUS procedures EUS Guided Coeliac Plexus Neurolysis (EUS – CPN) Pancreatic Pseudocyst Drainage,EUS Guided Biliary & Pancreatic drainage
  • How to get your team involved for predictable procedural outcomes
  • How to avoid / or manage various procedural complications
  • Tips on Various aspects of Data Archiving and Processing

Intended Participants

This unique course is especially designed for Practicing Gastroenterologists, Endoscopists, and Practicing Surgeons / Post MS / DNB / & Physicians performing Endoscopic procedures as well as Gastroenterology Fellows in DM / DNB training.